Jorge Estrada - Music
DON SHELTON (The Hi-Lo’s & The Singers Unlimited)

Jorge Estrada is not only a fantastic piano player, keyboards, but also a fine Music Director as well as being the most ardent fan of vocal groups ever known. And on top of that is a most wonderful person to know...."

NAN SCHWARTZ (Grammy Winner and seven-time Emmy Nominee)

“Within moments of meeting Jorge Estrada I knew we were musical soul mates. His ears, taste and musicianship,as pianist, arranger, and composer--are on the highest level. In today's musical landscape, Jorge is an oasis,a treasure trove of ideas, stunning harmonies, and soul which he brings to every project he undertakes.”

CONRAD POPE (Composer & Orchestrator: “Tim’s Vermeer”, “My Week With Marilyn”,”Jurassic Park”, “The Polar Express”)

Jorge is a great "monster" musician, fabulous arranger, and a wonderful composer. He is also one of the finest, kindest and warmest souls it has been my privilege to get to know in this lifetime"

EUGENIO TOUSSAINT (Compositor & Arreglista: “Sacbe” “Gaughin” “Ballet Dia de los Muertos” “Popol Vuh”.

"In the first works I heard from Jorge, I was able to notice the great taste of harmony and without a doubt Jorge navigates through those waters of harmony with absolute ease and puts his personality in what he does.
I have always admired Jorge's skills as a Pianist, but also as an arranger I fully identify with his discourse"

Jimmy Haslip Musician/Producer

“Jorge Estrada is from Guadalajara, México, he is a magnificently gifted musician/pianist, composer and arranger who has traveled and performed around the world… With an extraordinary vision of his own music he released 'Voices of the Black Forest'…This recording is a passionate expression of his gift . I've had the honor of working with him and will be currently working on his new project. I am humbled and inspired by his talent and music… Please enjoy his gift of music .

Jeremy Fox- Professor at Indiana University, Grammy Nominated Arranger.

" Jorge Estrada is The Real Deal as a pianist, a composer, and as a human being. It is no surprise that his deep and harmonically rich music comes from somebody who is equally as deep as a person. Jorge is also a tremendous inspiration for writers like me, in how he connects and collaborates so wonderfully with other first-rate musicians, and how much respect he garners from them. "